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Peddlers / Solicitors
A peddler is defined as anyone who carries goods such as candy or firewood from door to door for sale and immediate delivery. Peddlers are required to pay a license tax to the Town and must display the license at all times.

Solicitors or Canvassers
A solicitor or canvasser is defined as anyone who goes from door to door taking orders for merchandise such as magazines or services such as home improvements to be delivered at some future date, or requesting donations for a charitable purpose. Canvassers and solicitors are required to obtain a permit and a license from the Town and to show the license on request. They are also required to wear a badge issued and signed by the Business License Officer containing the words "Licensed Solicitor."

Selling merchandise from a vehicle parked on a street or in a parking lot is prohibited.

Granting Exemptions
The Town Manager may grant exemptions from licensing fees to non-profit groups such as schools, churches and service organizations. If an exemption has been granted, it will be on file at Town Hall.

Be Aware
Residents who suspect that a solicitor or peddler is operating under fraudulent pretenses or that he or she may be "casing" the neighborhood for burglary targets should call the police at 703-255-6366.

Call 703-255-6321 or email the Business License Officer for more information on peddlers, solicitors and canvassers.