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Town Comprehensive Plan
Statutory Requirement
The Code of Virginia requires every community to adopt a comprehensive plan for the territory within its jurisdiction and to review such plan for amendments at least once every five years (see Code of Virginia, Title 15.2, Ch. 11, Art. 4). The Comprehensive Plan must guide "...a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the territory which will, in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of the inhabitants." Descriptive matter, maps, charts, and other material as necessary to support the recommendations may accompany the plan.

The Town of Vienna adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 1957. The plan has been revised several times since then, most recently in May 2015. This plan describes and updates characteristics of the Town. It also identifies trends and events that have been considered in charting the future development of Vienna. These trends and characteristics are reflected in the Town's policies regarding transportation, land use, and capital improvements.

2015 Update to the Comprehensive Plan
Beginning in 2013, the Planning Commission began a preliminary analysis of the current comprehensive plan. Subcommittees were established to review community facilities, transportation, and land use. With the subcommittees' input and leadership, an updated draft of the comprehensive plan was prepared. A series of work sessions, community meetings, and public hearings were held to solicit input. The 2015 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by Council on May 23, 2016.

Click here for the 2015 Comprehensive Plan (AMENDED 10-5-2020)

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
In between the state mandated reviews every 5 years, the Comprehensive Plan may be periodically updated and adopted by Town Council as needed.

*  PF-61-19-COMP - A Comprehensive Plan amendment to change the Future Land Use Plan (page 38) and Community Facilities and Services chapter (pages 98-99) related to Town-owned properties located at 114 Locust Street SW and 440 Beulah Road NE. Adopted by Town Council on February 3, 2020.

*  PF-42-20-COMP - A Comprehensive Plan amendment to change the Future Land Use Plan (page 38) and Community Facilities and Services chapter (pages 98) related to a Town-owned property located at 301 Center Street South. Adopted by Town Council on October 5, 2020.

The Comprehensive Plan is divided into nine chapters, which focus on specific elements of the
Town’s existing and future development. These chapters provide an overview of current conditions, relevant history, and identify the Town’s goals, objectives, implementation strategies, and indicators as they relate to that topic.

  • Vision Statement: A formal description of what the community wants to become.
  • Introduction: Provides an overview of the Plan's organization and statutory requirements.
  • Community Profile: Provides a history of settlement and development of the Town, in addition to information about demographics and trends, which have or will affect the Town’s development or character.
  • Land Use: Provides information regarding existing land uses within the Town, and the Future Land Use Map, which provides a vision for the Town and guides development decision-making. In addition, Maple Avenue and Church Street are highlighted as focus areas due to their importance within the Town. (AMENDED 10-5-2020)
  • Economic Development: Provides background on non-residential development and commerce in the Town and provides guidance for additional actions the Town may take to encourage economic development.
  • Transportation: Provides an overview of existing conditions, parking, transit, and modes of transportation which are relevant to the Town’s citizens and businesses.
  • Community Facilities and Services: Focuses on a variety of facilities and services which are integral to the Town. (AMENDED 10-5-2020)
  • Parks and Recreation: Provides information regarding the many parks, recreational opportunities, and community facilities within the Town.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Describes key environmental characteristics and requirements affecting the Town.
  • Implementation: Focuses on strategic actions or tools that the Town can use to carry out strategies and actions listed in the plan.
  • Appendix: Provides supporting text, charts, graphs, tables, maps, and a glossary.