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Business Licenses
Required by the Town of Vienna
In accordance with Town Code Sec. 8-3, every person engaging in the Town of Vienna in any business, trade, profession, occupation, or calling as defined in this ordinance, unless otherwise exempted by law, shall apply for a license for each business. Please refer to the Business License Guide to help guide you through the process. Additional necessary forms are listed at the bottom of this page.

Individual License Required for Each Business
Any person who is engaged in two or more businesses, professions, trades, or occupations, all carried out at the same place of business and that are subject to different rates, must obtain a separate license for each business; provided, that such person may elect to carry on all such activities under one license by paying the tax on total gross receipt at the highest rate of any of the separate taxes to which the owner would otherwise be subject.

Compliance with Zoning Regulations
All licenses are subject to verification to ascertain compliance with zoning regulations. Failure to comply will be just cause for immediate revocation by the Town's treasurer.