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Real Estate Taxes

Current Tax Rate and Due Dates
For the 2020 calendar/tax year, the Town real estate tax rate is 22.5 cents per $100 of a property's assessed value.This tax is due semi-annually on August 28 (extended from July 28 due to COVID-19) and December 5. After those dates, a penalty of 10% or $5, whichever is greater, is assessed along with interest at 10%, which accrues until payment is made. For information, contact the Town's real estate office at 703-255-6325.

Paying taxes through your mortgage company
If Vienna real estate taxes are paid through your mortgage company and you receive the tax bill, please notify your mortgage company immediately so that it can make payment by the due date.

If you have sold the property and are no longer responsible for a Vienna tax bill you receive, please notify the real estate office immediately, 703-255-6325.

Delinquent taxes
You also may owe delinquent taxes. Delinquent taxes are billed separately from your regular bill. Delinquent real estate taxes become a lien on the property if they are unpaid for more than one year. A list of delinquent Town taxes may be obtained from the Real Estate Department

Fairfax County Taxes
Town residents must also pay Fairfax County real estate taxes.

For all real property in Fairfax County, including the Town of Vienna, the Fairfax County Office of Assessments annually establishes an assessed value effective January 1 of the tax year. Assessments are based on 100% of fair market value. Property owners are notified whenever an assessment changes. Taxpayers who believe that they have been over-assessed may appeal in writing to the supervisor of assessments. To obtain an appeal form, call 703-222-8234.

Town of Vienna Budget and Taxes

Assessment and payment information
Individual parcel assessments can be viewed online as can payment information for each parcel by going to the Town's Customer Self-Service PortalReal estate information is generally made available to the public. However, owner names may be withheld from the internet record upon request to the real estate office, 703-255-6325.

Payment methods
Payments for real estate taxes may be:
  • delivered in person to the finance counter at Town Hall, 127 Center Street S
  • dropped in the night depository in the front door of Town Hall
  • mailed to the Town of Vienna at:
    127 Center Street S
    Vienna, VA 22180
  • paid by credit/debit card or eCheck online. Note: A service fee for credit/debit card transactions will apply.