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Police Officer and Dispatcher Hiring
Application Process
The first step in the process is to complete the online Town of Vienna employment application (review the police officer job description). Once the exam dates are set, eligible candidates will receive an e-mail with instructions from Human Resources office on how to schedule an exam date.

Basic Qualifications
- At least 21 years old by date of hire - High-school graduate or recipient of a GED
- U.S. citizen - Valid drivers license with excellent record
- Able to work 12-hour rotating shifts - Drug-free background
- Excellent physical condition           - Non-smoker (must sign legal agreement)

Testing Dates 
Once your application has been submitted, Human Resources office will review it to make sure you meet the basic qualifications. If qualified, and when exam dates are set, eligible candidates will receive an e-mail with instructions from Human Resources office on how to schedule an exam date. Testing slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis until capacity of the room as been met. Applicants may take the test once every 12 months. 

Once candidates have been scheduled for an exam, they may reschedule their test dates at any time through the NeoGov system. The Town of Vienna reserves the right to limit the number of times a candidate may reschedule themselves for an exam date.

Applicant Processing
Upon passing the examination, candidates will be placed on to an eligibility list. Generally the list is used for a period of one year. However, this time frame may expand or contract, depending upon the speed in which the list is exhausted. Any applicant's name remaining on the list after it expires will be notified and provided with information concerning the date, time, and location of the next examination. The Town of Vienna reserves the right to remove from the list any applicant who fails to meet any of the standards of the job.

Once placed on the eligibility list, candidates will be emailed a Personal History Statement. Review of the completed Personal History Statement by the Town of Vienna is the first step in the background investigation process. Additional forms and documentation will be provided and required of candidates as they progress through the various background screening steps. Failure to return the Personal History Statement or other requested documents as directed can result in the Town removing the applicant from the eligibility list. The entire applicant process is as follows:

- Successful completion of the written examination
- Successful completion of the physical agility examination (Click Here To View Physical Abilities Screening Video)
- Successful completion of the background investigation
- Successful completion of the polygraph examination
- Successful completion of a physical examination
- Successful completion of a psychological examination
- Interview with the chief of police

Salary and Benefits
- As of July 1, 2019, the entry-level salary for a Police Officer is $56,482 per year.
- All uniforms and equipment ($50 shoe allowance) will be furnished by the Town of Vienna. All officers receive an annual dry cleaning allowance of $330 per year. 

Annual leave
- Annual Leave is accrued by all Town of Vienna employees at a rate as follows

Length of Service(Years) Hours Accumulated Per Pay Period
0-2   4
2-5 5
5-8 6
8-11 7
11+ 8  
Sick Leave
- Sick leave is accrued at a rate of 4 hours per pay period, no matter how many years of service an employee has. There is no limit on the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated.

- The Town of Vienna observes 10.5 holidays each year (schedule published at the beginning of the year). All uniformed personal that are assigned to a patrol schedule are paid for holidays regardless of whether or not they are scheduled to work on that holiday. 

Health Care
- Each Town of Vienna employee has the option of enrolling in the United HealthCare health insurance program. The Town of Vienna will pay 82% of the monthly premium for an individual and 54.5% of the monthly premium for family coverage. For more information.

Retirement and Other Benefits  
- The Town of Vienna also provides personnel with life insurance - round salary to the next highest $1,000 and double that figure for the value of the life insurance policy. Also worker's compensation - the Town of Vienna pays for all services under this policy.
- Check out the following links for information on the Town of Vienna retirement programs:

- Local Sworn Retirement Plan
- Virginia Retirement System
- Plus optional Town of Vienna employee retirement programs:
- Deferred Compensation Program
- Roth IRA
- Additional programs:
- Employee Assistance Program
- Education Assistance