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Temporary Outdoor Commercial Activity Permit
Obtaining a temporary outdoor commercial activity permit

The Town of Vienna is working to help restaurants and other businesses expand outdoor space for commercial activity so that they may serve customers as permitted and encouraged in the Forward Virginia reopening plan.

On Monday, June 15, Town Council re-adopted an emergency ordinance to extend the temporary outdoor commercial activity through the end of September 2020. Restaurants may open outdoor spaces for customers at a capacity up to 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy. 

It is imperative that restaurants and businesses interested in conducting outdoor commercial activity submit a temporary outdoor activity permit application. Prior to submitting your permit application, if you have not yet done so already, please create an account by clicking on the yellow "Register" button on the top left corner of the page. 

Restaurants and other businesses interested in conducting outdoor commercial activity must submit a
 permit application. If you have not yet registered in the Town's online application system, please created an account first by clicking on the yellow Register button in the top left corner of the page.

To complete the application for a Temporary Outdoor Commercial Activity Permit, follow the steps below or for step-by-step instructions, check out this "How to" guide:

  • First click on “Submit a Project for Review” from the main page.
  • The application category is Temporary Permit and the Application Type is Temporary Outdoor Commercial Activity Permit.
  • You will be prompted to fill in your business information.
  • There is a short checklist to acknowledge that you have the necessary materials ready for the application when it prompts you to upload these.
  • After you enter the rest of the permit information, the button will say submit, and it will show you a summary of the information you've provided. After you confirm that information is correct, you will then be asked to upload the required documents, including a location diagram and authorization form from the landlord/property owner.
  • Please note that proposed commercial activity on sidewalks will not be approved.


Please remember: 

  • It is essential that you review the Forward Virginia plan and are aware of the mandatory requirements set by the governor’s office. 


A few additional, important items

Restaurants are required by law to have a separate license to serve alcohol outdoors. Virginia ABC has provided an accelerated process for approving licenses for temporary outdoor dining areas. For more details on Virginia ABC’s expanded services, click here. The Town of Vienna does not need to provide a permit or letter for restaurants, as required by Virginia ABC’s approval process, because Fairfax County is expected to pass an emergency ordinance that covers the entire county. 


If you plan to use a tent that is larger than 900 square feet, you must apply for a Temporary Tent Permit through the Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s Office. 


Fairfax County Health Department 




Fairfax County Fire Marshal