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Water and Sewer Services
One of the sources of the Town's water supply experienced a violation of federal and state requirements for not monitoring turbidity on one of its 48 filters for a 17-hour period in June. The violation is designated as a Tier 3 Public Notification event by the EPA, meaning that the violation does not have a direct impact on public health. More information.

Information about Fairfax Water locations and services related to the coronavirus pandemic can be found at

Water and Sewer Updates

No current water main updates. 

Water and Sewer Billing/Customer Service

Water Distribution System
The Town of Vienna's water distribution system consists of 131 miles of pipe serving approximately 14,000 residents inside the Vienna corporate boundary and 4,000 customers outside of the corporate boundary.  On the map, the light blue indicates the water service area inside the corporate limits of the Town and the dark blue indicates the water service area outside the Town limits.

Each spring, the water distribution system is flushed using existing fire hydrants.  While this operation is going on, each fire hydrant is checked for proper operation.

The Water Division crews maintain the water distribution system through completion of daily tasks and responding to emergency maintenance issues when they arise.

Town of Vienna water is supplied by Fairfax Water.

Sanitary Sewer System
The Town's sanitary sewer system consists of approximately 95 miles of pipe that delivers sewage by trunk lines to the sewage treatment plants located in Fairfax County and Washington D.C. 

The Sewer Division crews maintain the sanitary sewer system through completion of daily tasks and inspecting and cleaning every sanitary sewer main within the collection system every four years.  The blue-green area indicates the sewer service area inside the corporate limits of the Town and the bright green indicates the sewer service area outside the Town limits.

Town of Vienna Sewer System Map

Meter Reading and Sampling
The Meter Division crew reads all water meters four times a year, carries out a wide range of daily work orders and conducts the Town's water quality sampling program.

Sampling follows the schedules required by the USEPA and the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water.  Each customer receives an annual Consumer Confidence Report on water quality along with updates on current regulatory changes and requirements.

Water Quality Report Archive

Town of Vienna Water Distribution System Map

Water Main Breaks
During times of extreme weather fluctuation pipes, soil, and water expands and contracts at different rates which occasionally causes water main breaks. When there is a break crews will shut off the water flow and this will  interrupt resident’s services as the repair is completed. Once water is back on, residents may want to run their water for a few minutes to ensure that the water is completely clear. Town residents’ water bill is not affected when a break occurs. If a water main break has happened in your area call the Department of Public Works immediately at (703) 255-6380. After regular business hours, call the Vienna Police non-emergency number at (703) 255-6366.