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Pleasant Street SW - Walk to Downtown
In 2012 Town Council held a public hearing to consider a list of potential projects in a Walk to Downtown grant initiative.The initiative would complete sidewalks on the first block of side streets along Maple Avenue, Vienna's commercial corridor, in order to provide safe routes for residents to walk to businesses, restaurants, and bus stops.

Following grant approval, a survey and design contract was approved by Town Council for a new sidewalk project to complete missing sections on Pleasant Street SW from Maple Avenue W to Courthouse Road SW.

Project Details

Project Budget: To be determined
Project Manager: Dennis Johnson, P.E.
Anticipated construction date: Not scheduled at this time

Pleasant Street SW Final Plans

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
November 5, 2012 Town Council authorized Walk to Downtown Grant Application
January 14, 2013 Town Council award of survey and design contract
May 14, 2014 Title search ordered on two properties
June 23, 2014  On-site review with Town Arborist
January 28, 2015  Design layout transmittal letter sent to property owners
August 28, 2015  Easement request letters sent to property owners
December 10, 2015  Design suspended until construction funds recieved
January 4, 2016  Town Council authorization to accept easements