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Leaf Collection Location Updates
Leaf Collection Location Updates
Leaf collection updates of the (approximate) location of crews may be found here. Please check back often since schedules may change due to inclement weather or other unforeseen conditions. Please click here for a map of the same information. If you have questions, please call DPW at 703-255-6380 or email .


The third pass has been completed. Crews will collect the few remaining piles of leaves sporadically through December 31. Beginning January 1, citizens may bag leaves in clear plastic bags to be included in their weekly collection, mulch them over their yard using a mulching lawnmower, or compost them by creating a compost area in their yard.



Lovers Lane NW
Pleasant Street NW
Short Street NW
Walnut Lane NW

Ayr Hill Avenue NE (between Beulah and East)
Beulah Road NE
Church Street NE (between Beulah and East)
Country Club Drive NE
Course Street NE
Creek Crossing Court NE
Creek Crossing Road NE
Cynthia Lane NE
Cynthia Lane NE
Devonshire Drive NE
Druid Hill Road NE
East Street NE
Edwin Lane NE
Fairway Drive NE
John Marshall Drive NE
John Marshall Drive NE (between Glyndon and McKinley)
John Marshall Drive NE (between Sideling and Town line)
Longview Court NE
Lynnhill Court NE
MacArthur Avenue NE
Manor Drive NE
McKinley Street NE
Murray Lane NE
Nelson Drive NE
Oak Knoll Road NE
Oakmont Court NE
Old Courthouse Road NE
Overlook Lane NE
Saratoga Waye NE
Sherwood Drive NE
Sideling Court NE
Skyline Court NE
St. Andrews Drive NE
St. Bernard Drive NE
Westbriar Court NE
Westbriar Drive NE
Westview Court NE
Westwood Drive NE
Woodnor Drive NE


Highland Street NW
Holmes Court NW
Jade Court NW
Jerry Lane NW
Knoll Street NW
Lawyers Road NW (Between John Marshall and Church)
Lewis Street NW
Lincoln Street NW
Malcolm Road NW
Nutley Street NW
Oak Vale Court NW
Orchard Court NW
Orchard Street NW
Roberts Drive NW
Valeview Court NW
West Court NW
West Street NW
Windover Court NW

Ainstree Court NE
Albea Court NE
Ayr Hill Avenue NE (between Beulah and Park)
Broadleaf Drive NE
Church Street NE (between Beulah and Park)
Glyndon Street NE
Hill Top Road NE
Holloway Court NE
Jean Place NE
Ridgewood Court NE
Springwood Court NE


Ayr Hill Avenue NW
Blackstone Terrace NW
Blair Court NW
Blair Road NW
Brentwood Court NW
Bruton Place NW
Colin Lane NW
Colony Court NW
Counsellor Court NW
Heritage Lane NW
Holmes Drive NW
John Marshall Drive NW
Lawyers Road NW (between Holmes and Wilmar, east side)
Sharon Lane NW
Tazewell Road NW
Upham Place NW
Victoria Court NW
Wilmar Place NW
Witness Court NW
Woodland Court NW
Lawyers Road NW (between Blair and Malcolm)

Center Street N

Mill Street NE

No Collection - Maintenance of machinery.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 2015 (THIRD PASS - Completion of the south side of Town)

Aponi Court SE
Aponi Road SE
Audrey’s Court SE
Ayito Road SE
Casmar Street SE
DeSale Street S (between James and Town line)
Fardale Street SE (between Casmar and Park)
Glyndon Street SE (between Adahi and the Town line)
Kerge Court SE
Onondio Circle SE
Patrick Street SE
Redwood Drive SE
Sanoey Circle SE
Cottage Street SW (between Yeonas and Town line)
Dove Circle SW
Drake Street SW
George Street SW
Hillcrest Drive SW (between Yeonas and Walker)
Hunter Road SW
Lakewood Drive SW
Patrick Circle SW
Patrick Street SW
Pekay Street SW
Ross Drive SW
Walker Circle SW
Walker Street SW
Ware Street SW (between Yeonas and end)
Yeonas Drive SW (between Cottage and Pekay)


Adahi Road SE
Carole Court SE
Circle Drive SE
Cunningham Park Court SE
DeSale Street SE
Fardale Street SE (between McHenry and Park)
Farley Court SE
Glyndon Street SE (between Tapawingo and Audreys)
Harmony Drive SE
James Drive SE
Kingsley Road SE
Lauren Lane SE
Lullaby Lane S
McHenry Street SE
Nicholas Circle SE
Ninovan Road SE
Owaissa Court SE
Owaissa Road SE
Park Street SE (between Tapawingo and Fardale)
Prescott Circle SE
Shady Drive SE
Yeonas Circle SE
Yeonas Drive SE

Avery Court SW

Cottage Street SW (between Kingsley and Yeonas)
Delilah Drive SW
Frederick Street SW (between Kingsley and Marshall)
Hillcrest Drive SW (between Kingsley and Yeonas)
James Drive SW
Kearney Court SW
Kelley Street SW
Kings Way Court SW
Kingsley Road SW (between DeSale and Ware)
Lynn Street SW
Marshall Road SW
Mountfort Court SW
Orleans Circle SW
Pickett Place SW
Pruitt Court SW
Rachel Lane SW
Ross Drive SW (between Cottage and DeSale)
Trowbridge Place SW
Ware Street SW (between Marshall and Yeonas)
Yeonas Drive SW (between DeSale and Cottage)


Cabin Road SE
Charles Street SE
Cooper Court SE
Fellini Court SE
Locust Street SE
Lullaby Lane S
Ninovan Road SE
Shahraam Court SE
Sioux Court SE
Tapawingo Road SE
Troy Court SE

Cottage Street SW (between Tapawingo and Kingsley)
DeSale Street SW (between Tapawingo and Melody)
Frederick Street SW between Tapawingo and Kingsley)
Harmony Drive SW
Hillcrest Drive SW (between Tapawingo and Kingsley)
Kibler Circle SW
Meadow Lane SW (between Tapawingo and Kingsley)
Melody Lane SW
Moore Place SW
Myers Circle SW
Olympian Circle SW
Plum Street SW (between Tapawingo and Harmony)
Potterton Circle SW
Symphony Circle SW
Tapawingo Road SW
Timber Lane SW
Truman Circle SW
Ware Street SW (between Tapawingo and Marshall)
Woodview Circle SW


Alma Street SE
Battle Court SE
Battle Street SE
Berry Street SE
Branch Circle SE
Branch Road SE
Cherry Street SE
Dale Court SE
Delano Drive SE
Echols Street SE
Elaine Circle SE
Elmar Drive SE
Glyndon Street SE (between Locust and Tapawingo)
Hine Street SE
Manvell Road SE
Marjorie Lane SE
Mill Street SE
Moore Avenue SE
Orrin Street SE
Park Street SE (between Dominion and Tapawingo)
Talahi Court SE
Talahi Road SE
Valley Drive SE
Welles Street SE
Whispering Wind Court SE 

Adelman Circle SW
Adrian Circle SW
Charle s Circle SW
Cottage Street SW (between Oak and Tapawingo)
DeSale Street SW (between Moore and Tapawingo)
Gibson Circle SW
Gibson Drive SW
Hillcrest Drive SW (between Meadow and Tapawingo)
Marian Circle SW
Meadow Lane SW (south side)
Moore Avenue SW
Plum Street SW (between Court House and Tapawingo)
Ridge Road SW
Thelma Circle SW
Ware Street SW (between Meadow and Tapawingo)


Berry Street SE (east side)
Center Street S
East Street SE
Echols Street SE (between Follin and Berry)
Echols Street SE (between Wolftrap and Niblick)
Hine Street SE (between Mashie and end)
Kramer Court SE
Kramer Drive SE
Mashie Drive SE
Niblick Drive SE
Pine Street SE
Polly Street SE
Spring Street SE
Wolftrap Road SE 

Albrecht Circle SW
Battle Street SW
Birch Street SW
Carter’s Glen Court SW
Ceret Court SW
Cherry Circle SW
Cherry Street SW
Cottage Street SW (between Hickory and Oak)
Court House Circle SW
Court House Road SW
Dogwood Street SW
Elm Street SW
Glen Avenue SW
Hickory Circle SW
Hillcrest Circle SW
Johnson Street SW
Locust Street SW
Meadow Lane SW (between Plum and Tapawingo, north side)
Nanterry Circle SW
Oak Street SW
Paris Court SW
Plum Street SW (between Court House to Meadow, west side)
Princess Court SW
Princeton Terrace SW
Roland Street SW
Stephen Circle SW
Surveyors Court SW