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Slurry Seal composite
The surface of asphalt streets oxidizes and deteriorates over time. This deterioration occurs slowly at first, but then begins to deteriorate more quickly as time goes on. With increased usage of streets, the deterioration begins to show as cracking, potholes, divots, and ruts. Fine cracks allow water to penetrate into the subgrade, which becomes saturated and unstable, allowing pavement flexing and eventually potholes.

What is microsurfacing?

Microsurfacing is a water-based, emulsified asphalt and stone dust mixture spread one-eighth inch thick over street surfaces. It protects streets from water penetration, provides a new surface with improved skid-resistance, and is a quick and economical repair method. Treatment with microsurfacing can increase a street's longevity by 7-10 years, extending the time before resurfacing or replacement is required.