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Painting House Numbers on Curbs
Can I Paint My House Number on the Curb?
The Public Works Department does not recommend painting a house number on the curbline in front of a residence because it will be easily obstructed from view by automobiles parking along the curb or debris that may be left at the curb, such as leaf or snow piles.  Permits are required to do any work in the Town right-of-way and they are not granted for painting the curbline.  Also, if Town crews do any maintenance work that replaces the curb, the number will not be repainted.

Some residents have received offers to paint their house numbers on the curb. These solicitors do not have permits to work within the Town public right-of-way, nor do they have business licenses to operate within the Town of Vienna, so they are not legally allowed to do the work. If you receive such a solicitation, please call the Vienna Police Department’s non-emergency number at (703) 255-6366.

Residents should display large house numbers at least five feet above the ground near the entrance or garage door that faces the street. This will ensure the numbers can be seen on the darkest night, in the worst of weather and not be hidden by foliage or parked vehicles.