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Concrete Repair in the Town Right-of-Way
When Town of Vienna crews repair the Town’s curbs, gutters and sidewalks in the public right-of-way in front of your home they will make every effort to minimize inconvenience to you; however, there will be some noise, dust and debris. Work hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. We urge you to call the Department of Public Works at (703) 255-6380 if you have any questions about the work Town crews may be doing in the public right-of-way in front of your home.

How You Can Help
  • Remove any items between the curb and sidewalk you wish to save (bulbs, flagstones, etc.)
  • Remove your vehicle from the driveway and park clear of the construction area.
  • The worksite will have holes, lumber, nails and others hazards so restrain children and pets from entering.
  • Let us know if you have underground sprinklers, invisible dog fences or sump pump pipes in or near the Town of Vienna right-of-way.
  • Set out your trash and recycling on your normal day for collection.
  • Once the site is restored, water new seed and straw daily for at least two weeks.
  • If a new driveway apron is installed, please understand that it will not completely cure and be usable for at least five days.