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Eye to Eye Program
The Eye to Eye program is a safety campaign led by the Vienna Police Department in an effort to make motor vehicle drivers, bicyclist and pedestrians in our community safer.

Too often our agency responds to crashes involving a motor vehicle and either a bicyclist or pedestrian. Most times we believe that had the two involved parties made “Eye to Eye” contact, the crash might have been avoided. Many crashes are easily prevented if one or more of the parties anticipates and acts defensively in order to avoid the crash, regardless of who was right and who was wrong. Even though one party might have the right of way, action taken by the other can prevent a crash. Being right and getting injured is never better than being a little inconvenienced and staying safe.

"Eye to Eye" in Vienna
The theme “Eye to Eye” originated in the Portland, Oregon area and was used by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to encourage folks in that area to make eye contact prior to moving at intersections, crosswalks and driveways. In Vienna, "Eye to Eye" is bicyclists and pedestrians not assuming that just because a motor vehicle is stopped it’s OK to go without “Eye to Eye” acknowledgement. Similarly, "Eye to Eye" is motor vehicle drivers slowing down and taking steps to avoid a possible crash, anticipating or checking and rechecking sidewalks and crosswalks to prevent a crash. In addition, it is all parties making “Eye to Eye" contact as a quick form of effective communication.

Types of Crashes
crash type 1.jpg
First example of basic type of crash.

Example 1
In Vienna we continue to see two basic types of crashes recurring throughout the year. The first example is a scenario in which a bicyclist (or pedestrian) is traveling along the sidewalk and crossing a driveway apron. The bicyclist does not anticipate the car turning in to the driveway and the car’s driver does not look far enough back to see the bicyclist or pedestrian.

Crash Type 2.jpg
Second example of basic type of crash.
Example 2
The second example is a bicyclist (or pedestrian) attempting to cross a street at a crosswalk while a motor vehicle is attempting to turn right on a red signal. The car’s driver has his attention focused to the left while looking for a break in traffic. The bicyclist (or pedestrian) enters the crosswalk assuming they have the right of way because the car is at a stop.

More Information
Look for the "Eye to Eye" logo around town and let's work together to improve the bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle interactions and have everyone traveling through Vienna make “Eye to Eye” contact before proceeding.

For more information on this program, contact the Vienna Police Public Information/Community Relations Office at (703) 255-7845.