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2016 Mayor's Volunteer Reception
7:30 p.m.
Vienna Volunteer Fire Department 
400 Center St S
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15th Annual Volunteer Recognition Day Ceremony
The Annual Mayor's Volunteer Reception celebrates and promotes volunteerism in the community. Congratulations to the 2016 outstanding volunteers. 


2016 Honorees
  • Aldis and Ingrida Lusis
  • Anne Latham
  • Barbara Mackie Franklin
  • Bernie Grace  
  • Bill Padgett
  • Bob Zillian
  • Carol Shapiro
  • Corbin and David Welch
  • Gambhir and Van Diest Family
  • Goldsmith Family
  • Greg Bauer
  • Historic Vienna Inc. 
  • Jason Molfetas
  • Jay and Terry Bachman
  • Jean Schafer

  • John Kenny
  • John Ruff
  • John Runyon
  • Liz and Mike DiFrancisco
  • Lynne Rhoads
  • Manich Sharma
  • Murphy Family
  • Rebecca Huffman
  • Rhonda Harrington
  • Senior Girl Scout Troop #2684
  • Shari MacFarlane
  • Singh Family
  • Tina Ejtemai
  • Tom Dashtaray
  • Wayne Walker

Mayor M. Jane Seeman Award
This award is presented in memory of the late Mayor M. Jane Seeman in recognition of her enthusiastic support and appreciation for the positive contributions that volunteers make to the Vienna community.

2016 Mayor M. Jane Seeman Award Recipient

Barbara Chaudet and Suzanne Chaudet Maloney

2016 Carole Wolfand Award Winner:

Kathy Georgen and DH Scarborough - Georgen Scarborough Associates