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Waste & Recycling Collection FAQs
Q: What items will the Town NOT collect during regularly scheduled weekly collection?
A: The Town does not collect white goods (appliances) or very large tree parts (tree parts must be less than eight feet in length and less than six inches in diameter for collection). Any materials generated by a contractor or homeowner-as-contractor such as debris resulting from a renovation or construction project requiring a building permit or payment to a person or business, tree debris left after having a tree removed, or other debris, generated by a contractor and left at the curb . The Town does not collect hazardous materials, such as tires, paint, dirt, sod, or mulch.

Q: When talking about which plastic products are recyclable, what is meant by "bottle, jar, or tub"? How does this correlate to numbers assigned to different plastics?
A: These days, a product's shape seems to be as important as its number in determining whether or not it's recyclable. Those plastics in the shape of a bottle (e.g., water bottle), jar (mayonnaise jar, for example), or tub (e.g., margarine spreads) are recyclable. These generally are natural or colored containers (not black) labeled with a number 1,2, or 5. However, all plastics with a number 1-7 currently are accepted at the recycling facility.

Rigid plastic-like jugs, buckets, and toys are recyclable; please remove batteries from toys. Plastic clamshell takeout containers, those that are hinged, and even those in which strawberries come are not recyclable in Fairfax County due to the polystrene plastic from which they're made. 

Q: Is Styrofoam recyclable?
A: Not in this area. Please dispose of with your trash.

Q: What's the difference between brush and yard waste? 
A: Yard waste typically is soft material such as leaves, grass,or weeds and should be placed in clear plastic or paper bags. Brush is considered branches up to eight feet in length and up to six inches in diameter and can be piled loose on the ground next to other items to be picked up. Brush piles should be no more than 4' x 4' x 8' each week.  Brush and yard waste are considered two different types of material and are recycled at two separate facilities, thus requiring the need to separate. 

Q: What is single-stream recycling?
A: Single-stream recycling allows for recyclable materials such as plastics, paper, cardboard, carton, and metals to be placed in a single recycling bin. These recyclables are collected and transported to material recovery facilities, where they are sorted and processed.

Q: How are the single-stream recycling materials sorted?
A: Recyclable materials are sorted mechanically and by hand at the contractor's facility.

Q: When recycling, should lids remain on or be discarded separately?
A: Lids may remain on.

Q: Are aerosol cans - such as those used for whipped cream, paint, or hairspray - recyclable?
A: Non-hazardous aerosol cans (e.g., those used for cooking spray or hairspray) are recyclable and should be placed in your recycling bin for collection.

Aerosols containing hazardous chemicals, such as paint, must be discarded via a household hazardous waste drop off location, like the I-66 Transfer Station at 4618 West Ox Road. 

Q: Can books be recycled? Should the cover be on or removed?
A: Place your softcover and paperback books in your curbside recycling container. The cover on hardback books is not recyclable so please consider donating them. Or you may remove the cover and place the rest of the book in the recycle bin.

Q: How do crews know what is "trash" and what is "recycling" if both are collected on the same day?
A: Residents may request recycling decals by calling 703-255-6382 or pick them up at Town Hall during regular business hours, 8 am-4:30 pm weekdays, from the Public Works Department. Recycling also may be placed in paper or clear plastic bags or loose in a clearly marked can.

Q: Is it OK to set out some items early in the week before an area's pickup day?
A:  As a lot of people do yard work over the weekend, its understandable that some items, such as brush or yard waste, may be set out earlier in the week. Trash and recycling items, however, should not be set out any earlier than 6 pm the evening before scheduled pickup day.  Please keep items set out for collection off  sidewalks and streets as much as possible.