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Frequently Asked Questions
Refuse Collection Program FAQs
Q: Are there any items the Town will not collect during their regularly scheduled weekly collection?
A: The Town does not collect white goods (appliances) or very large tree parts (tree parts must be less than eight feet in length and less than six inches in diameter in order for the Town to collect them). Homeowner generated construction debris will be collected, but contractor generated debris will not be collected and should be removed by the contractor.  The Town also does not collect hazardous materials, tires, dirt, sod or mulch.

Q: How will crews differentiate between 'contractor' and homeowner-generated debris? 
A: Part of the refuse program includes the addition of an inspector position. This position is responsible for collecting metal for recycling, as well as cross-checking against building permits for debris suspected of being contractor waste. If it is determined to be contractor-generated debris, a notice will be issued and the contractor or homeowner will be responsible for removing the debris.

Q: What is the difference between brush and yard waste? 
A: Yard waste is typically soft material such as leaves, grass and/or weeds and should be bagged in clear plastic or paper bags. Brush is considered branches up to eight feet in length and up to six inches in diameter and can be piled loose on the ground next to the other collectables. These are considered two different types of material that are recycled at two separate facilities, thus requiring the need to separate. Brush and wood materials are recycled at one location into wood chips and leaves and other soft yard waste are recycled at another location into leaf mulch.

Q: How are the single-stream recycling materials sorted?
A: Recyclable materials are sorted mechanically and by hand at the contractor's plant.

Q: How will crews know what is 'trash' and what is 'recycling' if both trash and recycling are collected on the same day?
A: Residents may request decals from Town Hall by calling 703-255-6382 or may come to Town Hall during regular business hours 8:00 am - 4:30 pm to pick up decals from the Public Works office.  Recycling can also be placed in paper bags, loose in a clearly marked can or in clear plastic bags which allow the trash crews to identify that the contents are recycling.

Q: What will happen if my collection day falls on a holiday?
A: Town crews will continue to collect on all holidays except for July 4, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If your collection day falls on one of these three days, then your refuse will be collected the next day. This would not affect any other collection days as we would 'double up' collection by completing both routes in the same day following one of these three holidays.

Q: Town homes naturally have less frontage than single family homes, so collecting all of our refuse on one day may require partial blocking of the street due to lack of space.  Has staff considered this issue? 
A: Yes, Town staff has visited townhouse properties and found there is space for residents to weekly set out their items for collection.

Q: What about items that are set out early in the week before an area's pickup day?
A:  We expect that there will be some items, such as brush or yard waste, that will be set out earlier in the week. This type of situation is understandable, since many people will do yard work over a weekend, and staff will expect these types of items to be out before an area's pickup day.  However, trash and recycling items should not be set out earlier than 6 pm the evening before the scheduled pickup day.  Please keep items set out for collection off the sidewalks and the streets as much as possible.