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Follin Lane SE, Maple Avenue E to Echols Street SE

Follin Lane SE Overview

Follin / Echols Detour Map      

Follin Lane SE Project Details

Project Purpose
- The asphalt pavement on Follin Lane SE from Maple Avenue to Echols Street was ranked poorly in our annual pavement rating system. It requires reconstruction of the sub base and roadway surface. The existing drainage ditches has become quite deep as they flow downhill towards Maple Avenue and should be replaced with a storm drain pipe system, as a means to improve safety and storm drainage capabilities. A public sidewalk should be installed to allow pedestrians the option to walk or ride bikes by connecting the neighborhood to the Maple Avenue corridor on the north end and to the Echols Street sidewalk and Wildwood Park & trail on the South end. The curbs will formalize the edge of pavement to enhance safety.

Traffic Management
- In the 1990's as the federal offices and Navy Federal Credit Union buildings were developed, commuter traffic cut-through in neighborhood streets became a problem. Turn restriction signs were installed to keep commuters on Follin Lane. As traffic has increased through the years, the vehicle queues for evening rush hour left turns, onto Maple Avenue, have grown. To keep Follin Lane an attractive route for commuters, while further controlling traffic and enhancing safety, the existing right turn lane from Follin Lane onto Maple Avenue needs to be extended. This will allow Tysons bound traffic to bypass the waiting left turn queue.

Traffic Safety
- Accident history shows intersection crashes are a problem. As part of the design, the engineer has reviewed the sight distance at each cross street following federal standards and has designed curb radius to remove vegetation. This will allow enhanced sight lines and lessen the potential for motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents.

Existing Vegetation
- The public right-of-way is much wider than the existing pavement, and only two homes face Follin Lane. A variety of trees and other vegetation have grown over the years. With careful inspection, the Town Arborist has determined a few dead or diseased Town trees should be removed, regardless of any potential project. With the Town Arborist's input, the design plans have been adjusted to save as much vegetation as possible; however, some trees must be removed due to construction and will be replaced with nursery stock trees.

Right-of-way Acquisition
- All public improvements are on Town street right-of-way except five small easements. Although not required, all adjacent property owners have been asked to sign a right-of-way entry agreement in the event some adjustment or ground restoration to their property is needed as a result of construction.

Construction Detour
- Since two-foot deep excavation will be required to replace the asphalt and subgrade and addition in all storm sewer trenches will be needed, Follin Lane will need to be closed to through traffic during construction. The two properties that front Follin Lane will have temporary access from Follin Lane during construction. Just before construction begins, traffic counts will be taken on all adjacent streets to get a baseline of existing traffic. The signed detour route will be along Echols Street and Branch Avenue.  All time-restricted signs will be removed during construction, so some motorists will cut through the neighborhood. If high volumes or high-speed cut-through traffic becomes a problem, additional traffic management and enforcement measures may be implemented.

Traffic Demand Management
- Navy Federal Credit Union is strengthening their existing efforts to reduce the morning and evening rush hour peak traffic and commuting traffic. They offer telework, premium carpool parking spaces, and mass transit access through the Fairfax Connector bus stop on their campus. Additionally, they offer a variety of early and late work shifts, plus compressed work weeks. During construction, they will encourage workers to utilize Electric Avenue south towards Cedar Lane to completely avoid the Follin Lane construction.

Environmental Review
- The Virginia Department of Transportation evaluated the project and issued a Preliminary Environmental Inventory Exemption due to the limited nature of the project.