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Mill Street NE Reconstruction Project
Mill Street NE has one of the poorest roadway condition ratings of all streets in Vienna. This street reconstruction project removes the high crown roadway and poor sub-base, then rebuilds the street. A drainage channel or V-ditch will be designed on the east side to channel surface water to existing inlets and visually mark the street. A new sidewalk will be installed on the west side behind existing curb, connecting to the new Ayr Hill Avenue sidewalk and allowing customers to walk to various Mill Street NE businesses. A major component of design is establishing construction detours for this busy industrial area.

Project Details
Project budget:  $420,000
Project Manager:  Luis Blandon
Anticipated construction date: 2017

Final Plans

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
April 25, 2011 Applied for VDOT FY 2012 Revenue Sharing Funding
February 2012 Grant approved by VDOT
October 2, 2013  Council meeting notice letter sent to adjacent property owners 
November 5, 2012 Town Council award of design contract
May 13, 2013 Town Council approves additional design funds
August 2013 60% design submission - project placed on hold pending funding
October 27, 2014 Council approval of final design contract with new engineering firm
April 30, 2015  Design options sent to property owners
December 4, 2015  90% design received
December 14, 2015  Right-of-entry agreements sent to property owners
July 2016 Advertise for construction bids
August 12, 2016 Bids received, under review
April 2017 Construction start
May 2017 Project complete