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Vienna Green Homes Initiative
What is the Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes Initiative?
Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes is a recognition program created to promote home energy production and efficiency. Recognition is made by the Town of Vienna, Conservation and Sustainability Commission, and Town Council.

How does a community effort promoting solar panels and energy efficiency benefit Vienna?
  • Homes built to higher energy conservation standards are more comfortable and cleaner because improvements to the building's envelope lead to more effective control over indoor air quality and noise intrusion.
  • The energy savings in a highly efficient building's operation are substantial.
  • Structures recognized for these attributes are inherently more desirable, have lower mortgage default rates, and are expected to deliver a stronger resale value.

Who can be recognized?
  • Vienna homeowners and renters.
  • Home builders, architects, and remodelers. 

What kinds of actions receive recognition?
  • Installation of grid-connected solar panels or shingles.
  • Participation in Solarize Vienna.
  • New houses and major renovations of existing structures that are designed and built under an independent program recognized for its excellence in energy efficiency and conservation of resources.
  • Advanced energy efficiency technologies such as geothermal heating/cooling and solar heat collectors.
  • Households who share their stories about specific steps they took to reduce total energy consumption and waste.

What can a builder or architect do in order to be recognized?
Builders and architects adopting one of the established programs that provide independent (third party) certifications are eligible for recognition by Town Council.

What are examples of qualifying independent certification programs?
  • Energy Star for homes covers a range of criteria including a blower door test to measure leakage of the building envelope.
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) above the certified level.
  • NAHB's National Green Building Standard above the certified level.
  • Earth Craft House.
  • Passive House.
  • 70 or better HERS score on the Home Energy Rating Scale as assessed by an independent home energy auditor.

How will a Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes recipient be identified?
Recipients will be recognized by Town Council and receive a Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes logo, which may be displayed on homes, signs, places of business, and web pages.

Who may make nominations?
Any person may nominate a Town resident or business operating in the Town.

Who evaluates nominations?
The Vienna Conservation and Sustainability Commission will consider nominations.

How can I submit a nomination?
Nominations must be submitted in writing and include details that allow for evaluation of the nomination. Nominations should be submitted to  or mailed to Town Hall, 127 Center Street S, Vienna, VA 22180.

More Information
For more information, email the  or call 703-255-8630.
Download the Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes Brochure.