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2015 Legislative Agenda
Town of Vienna 2015 Legislative Agenda

On November 10,  2014, the Citizens of the Town of Vienna, through its duly elected Town Council, adopted the following Legislative Agenda at a public hearing and respectfully proposes to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia the following:

2015 Legislative Agenda Items:

1. The Town of Vienna supports legislation that would provide revenue sharing between Counties and Towns of the Commercial Transportation Tax imposed on commercial real estate properties (Commercial & Industrial Property Tax or “C&I taxes”).  The Town of Vienna builds and maintains the streets and sidewalks.   HB 2313 requires that counties ensure that the towns within their boundaries receive a proportional share of the revenues made available to the counties. C&I taxes will generate about $55.5 million per year in revenues for the county with the new increase in the tax.  Like the storm water tax collected, Vienna should have some input into how local improvements from these taxes are appropriated directly around the Town businesses that generate these taxes.

2. The Town of Vienna supports an amendment to Virginia Code §17.1-279.1 as follows:   

§ 17.1-279.1. Additional assessment for electronic summons system. — Any county, towns within such county that operate a local police department, or city, through its governing body, may assess an additional sum not in excess of $5 as part of the costs in each criminal or traffic case in the district or circuit courts located within its boundaries in which the defendant is charged with a violation of any statute or ordinance. The imposition of such assessment shall be by ordinance of the governing body, which may provide for different sums in circuit courts and district courts. The assessment shall be collected by the clerk of the court in which the action is filed, remitted to the treasurer of the appropriate county, town or city, and held by such treasurer subject to disbursements by the governing body to a local law-enforcement agency solely to fund software, hardware, and associated equipment costs for the implementation and maintenance of an electronic summons system. (2014, c. 325.)

3. The Town of Vienna requests language to be added to specifically include “new sidewalk projects” as eligible for HB 2313 funding.  An expanded sidewalk network provides transportation options and reduces motorized vehicle use and congestion.

4. Vienna requests language be added to HB 806, a bill to require VDOT to follow localities tree replacement policies when building project in a locality.  The new language should make clear that when a locality is administering a project, VDOT tree replacement policy review is not required.

5. In support of the funding necessary for the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority as set forth in HB 2313, the Town of Vienna opposes any revisions which reduced funding to localities in order to address the shortfall in state revenues.

6. The Town of Vienna supports restoration of full 599 funding to localities.

7. The Town of Vienna opposes any proposed reduction or elimination of the taxing authority of localities, including Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax, Machinery and Tools (M&T) tax or excise tax, unless at a minimum, permanent suitable revenue-neutral replacement sources are provided.

8. The Town of Vienna supports a change to the VDOT local road maintenance funding formula from lane mileage to lane volume: or, in the alternative, request changes that provide additional funding to localities that maintain their roads and have roads that exceed the statewide average traffic volumes for such types of roads by more than 20%.  In addition, the Town of Vienna supports a change to the composition to the Commonwealth Transportation Board to have greater representation to the urban/dense suburban areas of the Commonwealth.

9. The Town of Vienna requests an amendment to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) whereby building permits for residential structures in specific zoning districts have a project time limit for completion and issuance of an occupancy permit for any new structure or addition to an existing structure.

10. The Town of Vienna requests the General Assembly to provide adequate funding for water quality improvements to localities for sewage treatment plants, urban stormwater, combined sewer overflows (CSOs), and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) as mandated by federal and state legislation, regulation and policies. (On the VML 2015 LA)

11. The Town of Vienna requests amendments to Title 25.1 of the Virginia Code relating to eminent domain appraisal process that would require parties in condemnation proceedings to agree upon a single independent appraiser to determine the fair market value of the property in question.

12. The Town of Vienna opposes any changes to investment policies of the Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) that would jeopardize the Pool’s rating or compromise the long-term stability of the Pool.

13. The Town of Vienna opposes any bill that reduces or eliminates local land use authority.

14. The Town of Vienna supports revenue sharing mechanisms between localities and the state.

15. The Town of Vienna endorses and supports the Legislative Policy Statement adopted by the Virginia Municipal League for the 2015 legislative session.

16. The Town of Vienna supports the Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board’s legislative agenda:

  • No changes to the cigarette tax code that eliminates the Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board or limits the power of the Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board. 
  • No changes that would limit any municipality’s ability to impose or collect a cigarette tax. 
  • Support allowing all municipalities the authority to impose a cigarette tax. 
  • Oppose any legislation that would allow the State to collect the cigarette taxes for localities. 
  • Support any legislation that combats illegal cigarette trafficking.