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Civilian 401(a) Plan
401(a) Plan for Civilian Personnel
After the first six months of employment, the Town of Vienna establishes for all new, full time, civilian employees a 401(a) account. The Town's 401(a) plan, also known as a defined contribution plan, is administered by ICMA-RC. Through ICMA-RC, employees direct their account dollars into a variety of investment options.

Town Contribution

The Town contributes 2% of an employee's base (annual) salary into this account. An employee can then elect to contribute money into this account as well. For any employee contribution, the Town will match it 100% up to 2%, making a total contribution of 6% possible.

It is important to note that this employee contribution election is irrevocable. Once a contribution is started, it must be maintained forever at that level. It can be increased over time, so an employee could elect to contribute 0.5% one year and then move it up to 1% in another year. But because of IRS regulations, once the employee deduction itself is started, it cannot be discontinued.

There is an open season each year (in November and December) that allows for employees to begin or increase their personal 401(a) contributions as of January 1 of the incoming year. The plan document, on file in the Human Resources Office, further explains all the details and requirements of the program.