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Satellite Antennas
A building permit must be obtained before erecting a satellite antenna on your property. The Town Code regulates the size and placement of satellite antennae as well as requiring specific screening.
  • Ground Mounted: One satellite antenna dish not exceeding 14 feet in diameter may be installed at ground level on any residential lot. It must be located in the rear yard, no closer than 15 feet to the rear lot line or any side lot line, and no closer than 10 feet to the rear of the house. Ground-mounted satellite antennae may be no more that 18 feet high when positioned for operation.
    • All ground-mounted satellite antennae over four feet in diameter must be screened from adjoining properties by a six-foot high wood or masonry fence, or by a living screen of evergreens not less than five feet high at the time of planting and with trunks spaced no more than five feet apart, of a variety that will mature to a height of at least six feet.
  • Roof Mounted: In lieu of a back yard location, one satellite antenna dish not exceeding four feet in diameter may be mounted to the roof of the house.
  • Corner Lots: On corner lots, no satellite antenna may be erected in front of the building line of any adjoining lot.

Additional Information
For more information and assistance concerning home satellite antenna regulations, please call the Planning and Zoning Department at (703) 255-6341.