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Homeowners must obtain a building permit before constructing a deck. The location of decks is restricted by specific setback requirements depending on the residential zone in which the property is located.

Each request for the construction of a deck at any size and height must be accompanied by the original Fairfax County building permit application along with three complete sets of the following: full plans and specifications and a certificate of survey or house plat depicting the location of the proposed improvement. The Department of Planning and Zoning and the Department of Public Works review this submittal information, usually within two to five working days, and then return two complete sets to the applicant--along with the original permit application--to take to Fairfax County for review and issuance. To summarize, the applicant will need THREE sets of everything except the building permit application.

Setback Inspection
The town performs a setback inspection of the footing / foundation and, in some cases, a final inspection after the deck is completed. All structural inspections are performed by the County.

Additional Information

For more information about setback requirements, call the Vienna Planning and Zoning Department at (703) 255-6341.  For building code information, call Fairfax County Department of Environmental Management, Building Plan Review at (703) 324-1645, or call the Residential Inspections Branch at (703) 324-1850 or (703) 324-1860.