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Pet Ownership
Town's Regulations
To ensure every one's safety and well-being, there are a few rules and regulations that must be followed within the Town of Vienna. Please review Chapter Three of the Town Code, which includes definitions and codes adopted by the Town of Vienna as well as violations and remedies that apply to pet owners.

"Pooper Scooper" Ordinance
The Town of Vienna has a pooper scooper ordinance that requires dog owners to clean up after their pets when out for a walk. Please be a responsible pet owner and don’t leave your dog’s waste on the lawns of neighbors, next to curbs, mailboxes, fire hydrants or elsewhere. Use a bag to take the waste away with you. Your neighbors also ask that you not deposit waste in their trash cans or with their bagged lawn debris or special pick-ups. Pet waste is not accepted with bagged lawn debris or special pick-ups; therefore, the town will not collect the bag deposited with a resident’s bagged lawn waste. The end result is a very unpleasant surprise for your neighbor.

The Town Code specifies that if you violate the pooper scooper ordinance, you will receive a warning for the first offense and a Class 4 misdemeanor for the second or subsequent offenses, which can result in a fine not to exceed $250.

Ordinance Against Noisy Dogs
It is unlawful to keep a noisy dog within town limits. A noisy dog is defined as one that has by loud, frequent and habitual barking, howling or crying, or other noises, caused annoyance or disturbed the peace or quiet in the neighborhood. So, if your dog starts barking, think of your neighbors and quiet your dog.

If you are found to have a noisy dog, you may be summoned to appear before a judge who can order the removal of the dog from the town.

For More Information
If you have any questions or would like more details, please refer to the Dog Licensing and Ownership Brochure or contact the Animal Control Office at (703) 255-6377.