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Employee Assistance Program
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP Services) provides employees and their families with free, confidential assistance to help in resolving problems that affect their personal lives and job performance.

About Our EAP Provider
This service is provided to all employees by Lytle EAP Partners. They have offices throughout the metropolitan region as well as nationwide. Lytle EAP Partners deals with any problem that affects an employee and his/her ability to perform on the job. Problems may include: financial difficulties, marital problems, legal problems, children, and problems caused by drugs or alcohol. Lytle EAP Partners provides free initial assessment and short-term crisis intervention. If further resources are needed, the employee's health benefits will cover a portion of the cost. Lytle EAP Partners attempts to refer participants to the most appropriate and cost effective service. Lytle EAP Partners provides the Town with periodic reports outlining the number of employees that use the program.

Lytle recognizes the growing importance of the Internet in our daily lives and how this technology is influencing the delivery of traditional health and wellness services. That is why we have developed an online EAP service.

It combines leading edge technology with research and information to help employees address personal issues affecting their quality of life on the job or at home. On-line services for employees include information, articles, and seminars on a variety of behavioral health, wellness, lifestyle, and relationship issues.