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Dental Insurance
NOTE: Dental Insurance is included with all Town Sponsored health insurance plans.  The below information is for an optional additional plan.

Vienna offers to its employees who are not members of the Town Health Plan optional membership in the Dominion Dental Program. Premium payments for this plan are paid by the employee through payroll deduction. Membership in this plan is optional and an employee is able to join this program anytime throughout the year (open season restrictions do not apply to this plan.) Two plans are offered:

HMO/Select Plan
Participants can only visit dentists that are in the Dominion network of providers. No orthodontia services are provided. Refer to the plan booklet for more detailed information.

HMO/Select Plan Overview
HMO/Select Plan Coverage Schedule

Access PPO Plan
Participants have the option of visiting doctors that are either in or out of the Dominion network. This plan also provides a $1,000 lifetime orthodontia benefit. Refer to the plan booklet for more detailed information.

Access PPO Overview
Access PPO Coverage Schedule

Dominion Dental Rates

   Monthly  Bi-Weekly
 Single  $42.92  $19.81
 Two Party  $90.78  $41.90
 Family  $140.10  $64.66
   Monthly  Bi-Weekly
 Single  $21.96  $10.14
 Two Party  $40.48  $18.68
 Family  $60.40  $27.88