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Public Notices
Notices of Official Public Hearings
This page provides notices of official public hearings held by Vienna Town Council and Town boards and commissions. View additional information concerning meetings of Town Council and boards and commissions.

Please also review Guidelines for Citizens Speaking at Public Hearings.

Current Notices


Date Time Description (Legal Notice, Proof or Ordinance) Contact
7/30/2018 8 pm Planning Commission Public Hearing for review of a recommendation to Town Council on proposed amendments under Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) zone regulations.   DPZ
8 pm
Town Council Public Hearing on proposed text amendments to Sec. 18-95.1. - Statement of purpose and intent, Sec. 18-95.3. - Procedure for MAC Zone designation, Sec. 18-95.4. - Permitted uses, Sec. 18-95.9. - Height limit, Sec. 18-95.14. - Site development standards, and Sec. 18-95.16. - Neighborhood compatibility of Article 13.1. - MAC Maple Avenue Commercial Zone Regulations of Chapter 18 – Zoning, and to Sec. 18-4. - Definitions. Finished lot grade.  DPZ

For more information on public hearings, please contact the Town Clerk at 703-255-6304.