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Rules and Regulations
Town Green Special Event Permit Policy
1. Purpose
It is the purpose of this policy to provide for the issuance of special event permits to regulate  events at the Vienna Town Green that impact either in the interest of public health, safety and welfare; and to provide for standardized fees, charges and procedures required to administer the permit process and provide necessary Town staffing at such events.

2. Policy
It is the policy of the Town, as implemented through this policy, to recognize the substantial community benefits that result from special events. These events provide cultural enrichment, promote economic vitality and enhance community identity. They also provide opportunities for family activities and funding for our community’s nonprofit agencies. Partnerships between the Town, event sponsors and the community are essential in ensuring successful events. Therefore, the Town will strive to accommodate special events. The Town recognizes that special events can be difficult to implement successfully and that the Town requirements may represent a portion of the event’s costs. When setting fees and conditions for events, the Town will be sensitive to
their impacts on the event’s costs while balancing the town’s obligation to protect public health and safety and to effectively manage the cost of the Town’s involvement.

3. Definition
For the purpose of this policy, a special event is defined as an event, which requires pre-approval and advisement from Town staff, for a preplanned activity, sponsored by an individual, group, and/or organization based in the Town of Vienna proposed to be held at the Town Green. Special events are events which will impact public property, normal vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and/or the safety of citizens and visitors, thus needing the services of the Town. Specific activities requiring a Town Green Special Event Permit include but are not limited to: foot races, bike races, festivals, concerts, celebrations, tours, shows, sales, etc. Town sponsored events are
defined as events that are coordinated by Town Staff, which may or may not be in cooperation with local organizations, with Town funds, and of which all revenues generated from the event are returned to the Town’s general revenue fund. Specific Town events include but are not limited to: Concert Series, Movies in the Park, Old Fashioned Egg Roll, July 4th Festival and Fireworks, Vienna Halloween Parade, Kids Fest and Bike Rodeo and the Church Street Stroll.

4. Town Green Special Event Permit Application Submission 

a. Applicant(s) requesting a Town Green Special Event Permit are required to submit a completed Special Event Permit Application, along with a $25.00 non-refundable application fee payable to the Town of Vienna for review and processing at least 60 calendar days prior to the date of the proposed event, to allow adequate review time. Applications can not be submitted more than 180 calendar days ahead of the proposed event date.
b. If the applicant fails to submit the Special Event Permit Application within the time frame stated above in (4a), then the Town reserves the right to deny the application.

c. The application shall provide relevant event information specified in the application. Failure to accurately describe the proposed event may result in the application being denied.

d. As a condition of the Special Event Permit Application all applicant(s) are responsible for providing specific and accurate representation of the necessary Town services required for the event including but not limited to: Police, Parks and Recreation and Public Works.

e. As a condition of the approval process, the applicant shall submit a current Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Vienna as an additional insured in the minimum of $1,000,000. The Town reserves the right to require a higher amount depending on the proposed activity.

5. Fees
a. Applicant(s) and/or sponsor(s), of any events requiring the use of public services and/or defined as a special event, held in the Town of Vienna, shall be required to pay accordingly for services as deemed necessary by the Town of Vienna such as , Police Department, Parks and Recreation Department and the Department of Public Works.

b. The $25.00 non-refundable Application Fee shall be submitted with the application. Any additional fees shall be paid within 30 days upon receipt of an invoice. A planned recurring event such as a concert series is considered one event.

c. The Event Fee is $25/per hour (for the length of the event including set-up and clean-up time) for individuals and/or non-profit organizations within the Town of Vienna. Non-Town of Vienna event fee is $50/per hour (for the length of the event including set-up and clean-up time). We do not
accept applications from for-profit organizations or businesses within or out of the Town of Vienna.

d. Police fees shall be $50/per hour per officer. The number of officers required as well as the length of service shall be determined solely by the Vienna Police Department.

e. Additional Town staff as required for set-up, clean-up, trash removal, electrical hook-up, etc., shall be charged at $25/per hour per staff person determined by the Vienna Parks and Recreation Department.

f. A Security Deposit of $500.00, refundable after the event, is required for any permit issued for a Town park. The deposit will be collected, check only made payable to the Town of Vienna, will be held and cashed only if public property has been damaged.

6. Review Process
a. All applications, including the non-refundable $25.00 application fee, must be submitted to the Vienna Parks and Recreation Department within 60 calendar days of the proposed event.

b. The Parks and Recreation Department will review the application and determine what services are required to support the event and if the event does not conflict with Town scheduled events and previously approved applications. The applicant will be notified by phone for additional information.

c. A detailed description of the event, including the layout and program as well as the anticipated number of participants or spectators. A parking plan must also accompany the request.

d. The Vienna Police Department will review the application and may ask for additional information.

e. Approval and fees will be determined by both the Parks and Recreation Department and the Police Department.

f. The applicant(s) will be notified within 30 working days of the status of the request, including the required fees.

g. As a condition of the Special Event Permit, all applicants must submit the required certificate of insurance and security deposit within 15 working days.

7. Regulations
a. No Town Green Special Event permits will be given to for profit businesses or organizations or for private events.

b. All events must comply with the Vienna Town Code.

c. No alcohol is permitted on Town property, including streets and sidewalks.

d. No tents larger than 30’ x 30’ (one per event) are permitted within the Town Green and they must be set-up and removed on the same day of the event.

e. No vehicle traffic is permitted within the Town Green.

f. Applicant must provide a safety plan in case of emergency.

g. No sidewalks, streets or right-of-ways can be blocked unless specifically approved by the Vienna Police Department.

h. All events must follow established Sign Ordinance found in the Vienna Town Code.

i. Any food sold or given away must follow required Town and County regulations including filing a Vendor Permit with the Town and a Fairfax County Health Department inspection and certificate.

j. Noise, including live music, recorded music, public address systems, crowds, etc., shall be limited to those allowed under the Vienna Town Code.

k. Inflatable’s are permitted (one per event) however they must be set-up and removed on the same day of the event.

l. ANY EVENT HELD WITHIN THE TOWN GREEN REQUIRES THAT THE PARK REMAINS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT. We do not allow events that close off all or part-of the park. No required entrance and/or admission fees are permitted for a special event located within the Town Green. Any approved special event held that does not meet the applicant provided description will be charged any additional fees as deemed necessary by the Town of Vienna. Failure to accurately describe the event will prohibit the applicant from future special events on Town property.

Updated: August 1, 2011