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Temporary Signs
Usage of Temporary Signs
Temporary signs are used to advertise garage sales, real estate sales and all sorts of business services such as yard work and home improvements. These ads pop up on telephone poles, stop signs, street signs, in yards and along public rights-of-way.

Town Code
The Planning and Zoning Department reminds citizens that this clutter of signs is an eyesore and, in most instances, it is against the Town Code. The next time a yard sale or other activity prompts you to post a sign, refer to the please keep the following regulations in mind:
  • It is unlawful to place signs on street lights, telephone poles, markers or other signs, or to place a sign without a permit within 10 feet of the curb or edge of pavement.
  • A maximum of two real estate directional signs may be displayed on Saturdays and Sundays only.
  • The following yard / garage sale signs are permitted:
    • Two directional signs of two square feet
    • Two signs of four square feet on the property where the sale will take place

For a more comprehensive list of sign regulations, please view the Sign Ordinance Summary.

For More Information
If you have questions about the town's temporary sign regulations, please call the Planning and Zoning Department at (703) 255-6341.