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Commercial Vehicles
Town Code
The Town Code prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles for more than one hour in any 24-hour period in all residential zones.

  • Any commercial vehicle may be parked on a residential street for more than one hour while actually being loaded or unloaded or while the custodian of the vehicle is actively performing services as long as the residence is not that of the custodian of the vehicle.
  • Between the hours of 7:00 pm and 5:00 am, no commercial vehicle shall be operated, nor its engine run for any purpose whatsoever, nor be driven from its parked location.
  • One commercial vehicle not exceeding 20,000 pounds gross weight may be parked overnight and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays off the street and on the property of the vehicle's owner or custodian provided that, once parked, it is not moved or operated at any time for any profit-making business or professional enterprise.

Report a Vehicle
The town needs the assistance of neighbors in order to enforce these regulations since every street cannot be patrolled around the clock. If you see a vehicle which appears to be in violation or if you have any questions regarding commercial vehicles, please call the Department of Planning and Zoning at (703) 255-6341 for vehicles parked off street. Please call the Police Department at (703) 255-6366 for vehicles parked on the street.