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Computation of Bills
Billing Periods
Water and sewer service is billed quarterly. The water meter is read by a technician during the final month of the billing quarter.

The water meter monitors consumption by gallons, but usage is only billed in units of 1,000 gallons. This could result in a small usage fluctuation from one quarter to the next.

Water Service
The water usage is determined by the change in meter readings between quarters. The appropriate rate for the property location (within or outside town limits) and type of meter is used to calculate the bill for water service.

Sewer Service
Sewer charges are generally based on the water usage at the property. This assumes that water entering the property leaves through the sewer system. Exceptions to this general process include:
  • Customers outside town limits (Fairfax County) - Cycle 6 (account number begins with the numeral 6) Some customers receive water from the town, but have sewer services provided by Fairfax County. For these properties we calculate the average winter usage. This assumes that usage during the winter is the maximum amount that flows through the sewer system in other quarters.

Estimated Bills
It sometimes becomes necessary to estimate usage. This occurs, for instance, if there is a substantial snowfall and access to the meters is hindered. Estimates will be based on average usage for the property. For new accounts, the townwide average of 16,000 gallons is used. For customers with sewer provided by Fairfax County the estimated winter quarter usage is based on the county average of 18,000 gallons for the sewer portion of the bill only.

Service Charge
A service charge, dependent upon the size of the water meter, appears on every water bill.