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Special Notices
Protecting Your Pipes During the Winter
Winter weather poses particular problems for a water system. Your Vienna Public Works Department appreciates citizen reports of water surfacing on roadways because this is a primary indicator of water main breaks. Water puddling around water meters should also be reported immediately.

Winter Pipe Tips
Here are some tips for protecting pipes this winter:
  • Locate and be able to operate the main shut-off valve, inside the house.
  • Prior to freezing temperatures, cut off outside spigots, at inside valves, then drain spigots and leave open. If this is not possible, a trickle of water may be run from spigots as long as the temperature remains below freezing. Detach hoses from all outside spigots and drain them.
  • A small trickle of water from kitchen and bathroom faucets will help keep water flowing through the pipes and meter.
  • Any interior water lines in unheated areas such as garages should be protected in some manner, for example, by insulation or draining.
  • Interior water lines should be protected against drafts entering the house through holes in the walls or vents in crawl spaces.
  • Interior water lines touching outside walls above ground level should be insulated.
  • Never use an open flame to thaw frozen pipes. Instead, use a hair dryer.

Report a Water Main Break
To report water main breaks, call the Department of Public Works at (703) 255-6380. After hours, call the Police Department's non-emergency number at (703) 255-6366.