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Tax Relief for Elderly / Disabled
Available Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly and/or Disabled
Both the Town of Vienna and Fairfax County offer real estate tax relief for low-income homeowners who are 65 years old and over, or permanently and totally disabled.

To qualify, the following requirements must be met:
  • Total household income of $72,000 or less. This excludes $6,500 of income of relatives, other than the spouse, who reside in the household. Also excluded is $7,500 of any income received by a homeowner who is permanently and totally disabled. Where the total combined income is $52,000 or less, a 100% tax relief is given, combined income between $52,001 and $62,000, a 50% tax relief is given, and between $62,001 and $72,000, a 25% tax relief is given.
  • Total combined assets of no more than $340,000. This amount excludes the value of the residence and up to one acre of land where it is situated.
  • Disabled persons applying for the first time must show evidence of disability. 

Grants Available to Renters
In addition to real estate tax relief, Fairfax County provides grants to senior citizens and disabled citizens who rent their residences. The county also provides relief from personal property tax for one automobile per household. The asset and income limitations for these programs are different from the real estate tax relief limits.

Vehicle License Fee Waivers
Effective July 1, 2010, the town adopted a vehicle license fee for all motor vehicles owned or stored in the Town of Vienna. Residents eligible for real estate tax relief are entitled to a waiver of the vehicle license fee for one vehicle. Please include the information on one vehicle in the place provided at the bottom of the Town's Tax Relief Application.

Application Guidelines
Applications for all programs are due April 1 each year. Both the town and county applications must be completed. Applicants filing late due to hardship must provide written detailed substantiation that a hardship existed that prevented timely filing.