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Town Core Values

These are the guiding principles that describe the behaviors desired of every single Town employee. In essence, these values clarify what kind of organization we want to work in and what kind of people we want to work with each day. 

Core Values
  • Professionalism On time, ready, prepared, positive. Dress professionally. Be serious about the possible outcomes of your actions
  • Excellence Not perfect; dissatisfied with poor performance. Be willing to acquire the knowledge; gain expertise to achieve the task. Have a relentless mindset of excellence
  • Compassion Demonstrating empathy; slowing down to appreciate another’s dilemma; giving benefit of the doubt. Take the time to help, to explain – again, if needed
  • Respect Valuing each other; treating others with dignity and value in all interactions. See the dignity and worth of your co-workers and those whom we serve
  • Ethics Doing what is right, with integrity; using information with care and confidentiality. Be trustworthy and trustful.