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Form of Government
The Town Council is composed of the Mayor and six Council members. Town elections are non-partisan, and Council members are elected at large for staggered two-year terms. The Mayor is the ranking elected official and ceremonial head of the town government, presides at council meetings, and has all of the rights and duties of other Council members, including the right to vote on all motions considered by the Town Council.

The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council as full-time administrator of the town government. Duties include preparation of the town's annual budget, carrying out the orders and resolutions of Town Council, and supervising the performance of department heads and other officials responsible to him.

The Town Council establishes town policies, passes ordinances and resolutions, approves the town budget, sets tax rates, approves land use plans and makes appointments to Town Boards and Commissions.

Elections are held the first Tuesday in May each year for three Town Council seats, with the office of mayor appearing on the ballot in even-numbered years. Town elections are held at the Vienna Community Center. Persons interested in running for a seat on the Town Council should visit the Virginia State Board of Elections' website for candidate information and required forms. For information on town elections, call (703) 255-6303. For information on county, state and national elections, call the general registrar at (703) 222-0776.