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Report a
Code Violation
Contact the Department of Planning and Zoning to report a code violation.

Instance of Illegal Dumping Into Storm Drain
Report any incident when substances other than water have been put into a storm drain in the Town of Vienna.

Leaky Fire Hydrant
Tell the town the location of a leaky fire hydrant.

Missed Trash / Recycling Collection
Contact the town if your trash or recyclables are not collected.

Report the location of a pothole in the streets of Vienna.

Sidewalk Problem
Notify the town if you find a sidewalk problem.

Street Light Outage
Inform the town of street light outages.

Traffic Signal Problem
Inform the Department of Public Works of a traffic signal problem.

Tree Down
Report the location of a fallen tree in Vienna.

Washington and Old Dominion Trail Problem
Find out how to report a Washington and Old Dominion Trail problem to the town.