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Zoning Complaints
Types of Investigation Complaints
The following are some of the complaints that the town's zoning technician can investigate:
  • Additions, alterations, replacement or relocation of any plumbing, mechanical or electrical systems
  • Change in the use of a building
  • Construction / renovation without a permit
  • Improper placement / posting of signs, banners, poster, notices and flyers
  • Improperly stored vehicles on private property

Submitting a Complaint
The Town of Vienna employs a full-time zoning technician to investigate zoning related problems and issues. If you would like to submit a complaint, please contact Zoning Technician Frank Simeck at (703) 255-6348. The following are required to submit a complaint:
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • The address where the violation is being reported
  • Details of why this may be a zoning violation