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Child Safety Seat Inspections
A Free Service for Residents
The Vienna Police Department will perform car seat inspections at the Police Headquarters, located at 215 Center Street South. This service is available for town residents only, and on an appointment-only basis. 

Appointment Required
Please contact MPO Larry Mangan or call 703-255-7810 to set up an appointment. Child safety seat inspections are generally scheduled for Tuesdays.

Before Your Appointment
Citizens should install the seat in the vehicle prior to arriving at the station. A correctly installed seat is snug and moves no more than one inch from side to side at the seat belt path.

Install with a Partner
Two people are normally required to get the seat installed as tightly as is desired. One person provides a knee or two hands in the seat for weight and compression, and the other snugs up the seat belt or latch straps. When the person pushing their weight down in the seat releases, the vehicle's seat foam expands and creates a very snug fit.

Rear-Facing Seats
Additionally, please make sure that if the seat is rear- facing, the foot underneath the seat base which adjusts the angle is all the way out / extended prior to installation. This helps level out the seat at the proper angle before you tighten the straps or seat belt.