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Wildlife Tips
Leave Wildlife Wild in Vienna
As you may be aware, we have several foxes that live among us here in Vienna. While the foxes can be very beautiful to look at, they may also pose a hazard or become a nuisance to our fellow citizens.

Do Not Feed the Foxes
The Town of Vienna Police have had a number of reports of well meaning citizens who, out of the kindness of their hearts, have been feeding foxes. This practice is not helpful to the foxes nor to our fellow citizens. The best thing you can do for wild animals is leave them alone, unless they are injured.

Areas of Concern with Feeding Wild Animals
Some areas of concern relative to feeding wild animals are:
  • Animals may become comfortable around people. As they lose their natural fear of people, they will become bolder in approaching people and may put themselves in hazardous situations which would normally be avoided. Additionally, raccoons and foxes are frequent carriers of rabies disease.
  • Animals, if fed regularly, will come to depend on humans for their food. Animals won't starve if you stop feeding them, (we have an abundant amount of natural prey), but they will be hungry and unafraid of people and could become aggressive in approaching other people when looking for food.
  • Feeding wild animals also draws them out more in the daylight hours when people are out and about, or when children are outside playing. They begin to view humans as a source for food. 

All of us need to remember that these are wild animals. They may act tamely around humans for weeks on end, then one day they may be startled by something and react aggressively.

If You Are Bitten By a Wild Animal
If you are bitten by a wild animal, you should immediately seek medical treatment from a doctor and report the bite to the Vienna Police Department. Unfortunately you will probably have to get a series of rabies shots, which are both expensive and uncomfortable. Officers will have to try to find the particular animal that bit you, in which case it will then have to be killed for testing.

Additional Details
Vienna is a great place to live and as you know, we share our town with various types of wildlife. This adds to the character and charm of our community. Please help them and us by enjoying them from a distance. If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact Animal Control Officer John Barker at (703) 255-6377.