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Snow Removal

The Town of Vienna is responsible for clearing snow and ice from all public streets.  The Town’s fleet of plows and chemical spreaders are on duty 24 hours a day until all streets have been cleared and made safe.  During these operations safety is our main priority.

Treating roads begins immediately at the onset of a winter storm.  Plowing begins when the snow reaches a depth of approximately two inches.  Primary Streets are cleared first, followed by secondary streets.  In the event of an ongoing storm we may have to return to the primary routes to remove additional accumulation but crews will return to the secondary street they were clearing as soon as possible.  The Town clears accumulation from streets from curb to curb, this may require several passes in each direction; if possible wait to shovel your driveway until crews have had a chance to complete operations on your street to avoid snow being pushed back into the areas you have cleared.

Residents can assist in the efficiency of snow removal by doing the following:

  • Avoid travel unless absolutely necessary during snow and ice storms
  • Avoid parking on snow emergency routes when snow or ice is predicted
  • Avoid parking on the street during plowing; On-street parking limits clearance for the snow removal equipment and makes snow removal difficult if not impossible; Parking in a driveway will reduce the chances of having to shovel a vehicle out of a snow drift
  • Avoid shoveling sidewalks and driveways into the roadway; shovel snow to the right-hand side of the driveway (facing the street) to avoid snow plows from pushing snow back into cleared areas
  • Please clear snow from hydrants; In case of an emergency firefighters will be able to respond more quickly
  • During winter weather please keep water meter enclosures clear of snow and ice; If the meter cannot be read due to obstruction from snow or ice an estimated water bill will be rendered
  • Shovel sidewalks as soon as possible after the storm has ended.

For information during a winter storm, visit  You also can sign-up for Vienna Community Alerts, watch the Town of Vienna Community Network (TVCN) on Cox channel 27 and Verizon FIOS channel 38, call the Vienna Information Line at 703-255-6333, or visit Town’s social media sites on Twitter and Facebook.