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Trash Collection
Placement of Receptacles on Collection Day
Please place all items at the curb line or edge of pavement by 6:00 am on collection day (but not earlier than 6:00 pm the preceding evening) where it will be easily and safely accessible. Refuse containers should not be placed and left on a sidewalk or any portion of a street right of way where they would interfere with traffic. The Town asks that residents place their bins in front of their own properties out of respect to neighbors.

Please remove all trash containers from the curb line or edge of pavement as soon as possible after trash pickup and by 7:00 pm the same evening as collection. The Town reserves the right to designate the collection point where there is a question or doubt.

Container Requirements
The Town does not provide containers to residents. Trash containers should be a maximum size of 55 gallons with a 40-pound weight limit, be watertight metal or plastic (non-breakable), with handles and tight-fitting covers. Larger sized containers used with automated trash trucks are not acceptable since Town trash trucks are not equipped for this type of operation. Plastic bags may be substituted for trash containers provided they meet the 40-pound weight limit. The bags shall be removed from the can or other holder, tied at the top, and placed at the curb line or edge of pavement.

Recycling can be placed in, paper bags, plastic bins or trash cans at the curb - please do not collect your recycling in plastic bags Fairfax County has asked that plastic bags be included with regular household trash and not with recycling because they get caught in the recycling machinery.

Yard waste is any soft vegetative debris such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, vines, etc. and must be contained in a clear plastic bag or a yard waste-specific paper bag obtainable at any local hardware store.  There is a 20 container maximum pickup limit per collection day and each container should not weigh more than 40 pounds.

Brush is considered branches or tree debris which are eight feet or less in length and six inches or less in diameter.  Brush can be piled next to the curb, bundled or left loose in a trash can if it is shorter than four feet in length.

Disposing of Old Trash Cans
To be sure there is no miscommunication and resident's trash cans are not destroyed accidentally, trash crews will only dispose of defective trash cans that are no longer suitable for use when the cans are upside down and clearly marked "take" for disposal.