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Recycling Collection
Curbside recycling

The Town of Vienna provides single-stream, curbside collection of recyclable materials on its residential routes each week. "Single-stream" means that recycling products can be loosely collected together in one container; there's no need to separate by type of material. Recyclables should be clean, dry, and set out at the curb loose in a reusable container. Do not recycle plastic bags and do not use plastic bags to collect recyclables.

The recycling industry is in flux and change is a regular part of that landscape for now. Currently, the Town's recycling provider, American Disposal Services, offers these guidelines for curbside recycling collection:

recyclables graphic.jpg
Click here for a link to graphic above. Scroll to the bottom of this American Disposal webpage for information about how to dispose of specific items. 

Purple is the new green - at least where recycling glass is concerned

The best way to ensure that glass products are recycled is to dispose of bottles and jars in purple Fairfax County-provided bins in locations throughout the county. The two closest for Vienna residents are located at 431 Mill Street NE in Town and the Providence Community Center at 3001 Vaden Drive. Fairfax County recycles the glass for use as a substitute for stone in county projects. Other purple bins are located throughout Fairfax County

purple bin.jpg

The county no longer accepts glass bottles and jars curbside, but the Town will still pick up glass items in recycle bins. 
These glass items will be separated from other materials at the recycling center and disposed of. Because of the way that the Town's waste/recycling contracts currently are structured, it's much less expensive for glass products to be included with recycling materials rather than regular household waste.

Broken glass should never be included with recyclables.Carefully package broken glass in a rigid container; label the package "GLASS" and set it out with your trash for disposal.

Check out our waste and recycling FAQs. If you have additional questions, email 
or call 703-255-6380.

Additional recycling opportunities
Remember, electronics, metal products, and automobile waste products are not part of the Town's curbside recycling program, but these items can be recycled at Quarterly Recycling Days. 

After the holiday season, formerly live Christmas trees will be collected curbside through the month of January. 
Please remove all decorations, including tinsel, and set the tree at the curbside for collection. Also, please do not place your tree in a bag.

The Town collects leaves and other yard waste, placed in kraft paper or clear plastic bags, via regular waste collection services throughout the year. In late fall, generally beginning in October through the end of the year, the Town makes several sweeps to vacuum up leaves - and only leaves - that have been raked to the curb. These leaves are mulched and made available to residents while supplies last. More info about leaf collection and mulch delivery services.