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Future Sidewalk Projects
Pedestrian Master Plan
A general Vienna Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted by Town Council in April 2015 to allow enforcement of a new Ordinance requiring developers to dedicate land for future sidewalks. This Plan will be expanded and included as an element of the next update of the Vienna Comprehensive Plan. Complete pedestrian networks provide safe routes for children and adults to walk or bike to their destination, eliminating a motor vehicle trip. Walking and biking promotes healthy lifestyles, promotes neighborhood cohesiveness and encourages residents to patronize our local Vienna businesses.

Starting a New Project
The Town Council decides which projects to fund as part of their annual Capital Improvement Program. To maximize what is built at the lowest cost, whenever possible projects are partially or fully grant funded. Citizen sidewalk requests and petitions should be directed to the Vienna Transportation Safety Commission

For information about how sidewalk projects come about, please view our presentation, Implementing a Sidewalk Project.

Safe Routes to School Initiative
The Vienna Pedestrian Master Plan gives top priority to sidewalks around schools. To fund these projects, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Safe Routes to School grant program annually solicits applications for a project recommended through Elementary School Travel Plans developed to analyze travel patterns and propose improvements to encourage walking and bicycle riding to school. Recent Travel Plans:

Walk to Vienna Metro Rail
Annually VDOT makes Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grants available. Vienna has been successful in receiving grants to fund new sidewalks within a mile of the three Vienna Metrorail Stations which encourages the use of mass transit.

Walk to Downtown
Vienna has also been successful in receiving CMAQ grants to fund new sidewalks to provide a safe pedestrian route from our neighborhoods to the commercial corridor which provides alternatives to auto trips.

2006 Vienna Sidewalk Task Force
In 2006, the Vienna Sidewalk Task Force, composed of representatives from the Town's Planning and Transportation Safety Commissions, conducted a citizen survey on the need for additional pedestrian facilities. A report was presented to Town Council as a starting point for planning new projects. List of sidewalk construction priorities.