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Commercial Building Permit

All building permits are to be submitted to Fairfax County prior to submitting them to the Town of Vienna through procedures outlined in the links below. All commercial building permits can be submitted to the Town electronically via idtPlans:

Commercial Exterior
Commercial permits for exterior modifications and signage may require review by the Board of Architectural Review or site plan modifications. Applicants are encouraged to contact staff prior to submitting plans to discuss the scope of work. 

  • If both interior and exterior work are proposed, applicants are encouraged to split the work into two permit applications, one for the interior work and one for exterior work. Staff cannot release any plan sets containing exterior work until the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) has approved the work and a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued. The BAR reviews all exterior modifications and new construction of non-single family structures within the Town of Vienna, including signage. The Board of Architectural Review authority is found in Chapter 4 of the Town Code.
  • If modifications to the site are proposed, including restriping parking lots, changes to the building footprint, or new patio, a site plan modification is required. Site plan applications may be submitted online.

Commercial Interior

Commercial permits associated with a new building, new tenant layout, or major interior alteration will require a Certificate of Occupancy from the Town of Vienna before businesses can operate within the unit.

  • If the building permit requires an inspection by the Fairfax County Health Department or pre-occupancy inspection by the Fairfax County Fire Marshal, those approvals must be scheduled by the applicant.
  • Applicants must email staff once all inspections are complete with a scan  The certificate of occupancy will not be approved until all inspections are complete.
  • After a certificate of occupancy is approved, the applicant is responsible for scheduling post occupancy inspection by the Fairfax County Fire Marshal.

A change of use in tenant space may require review by Fairfax County prior to Certificate of Occupancy approval. Please contact staff at if you plan to change the use of a space prior to submitting for a Certificate of Occupancy.
Fairfax County Non-Residential Use Permits are not required for businesses in the Town of Vienna.