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Building & Zoning Permit Review

The Town of Vienna Department of Planning and Zoning accepts permit applications for the Town review process and reviews Fairfax County building permit applications for compliance with the Town of Vienna Zoning Code (Chapter 18) and other applicable Town regulations.

Fairfax County serves as the Building Official, reviewing structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, and health related aspects before issuing permits.

All applications require an "Applicant Authorization Form" signed by the property owner as part of the application submission. No applications will be accepted without this completed form.

Zoning Permits

The following applications do not require review by Fairfax County. Applications are to be submitted directly to the Town of Vienna online at

  • temporary storage pods
  • fences
  • patios
  • driveway expansion and modification

Building Permits

Please visit the Fairfax County's webpage for instructions on how to submit building permits electronically.

All building permits are to be submitted to Fairfax County prior to submitting them to the Town of Vienna through the procedures outlined in the links below. Applicants must provide the Town of Vienna with the Fairfax County permit application number as well as all supporting materials required for review.

Before submitting for review to Fairfax County or the Town of Vienna, applicants are encouraged to review the requirements for permitting and applicable Town, County, and state requirements.

Fairfax County Permit Requirements & Operating Status

Applicants are encouraged to review guidelines for permitting within Fairfax County here.


Some permit types may require inspections by Fairfax County or the Town of Vienna in order to begin construction or finalize permits.