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Clarify, Simplify, Reorganize & Update Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances

The Town of Vienna is leading an effort to clarify, simplify, reorganize, and update the Town’s subdivision and zoning ordinances, Chapters 17 and 18 of the Town Code. To assist in that effort, the Town will retain a land use planning consultant firm or team with national knowledge of best practices in land use planning, urban design, land use law, community engagement, transportation planning and parking standards, as well as experience drafting subdivision and zoning ordinances in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Town’s last significant zoning code changes occurred fifty years ago in 1969; a significant portion includes regulations that date back to the 1956 zoning ordinance. The implementation of the Church Street Vision C-1B Pedestrian Commercial Zone (1999) and Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) Zone (2014) has provided developer incentives for revitalization in those areas of Town. However, much of the zoning code is still outdated and cumbersome. This results in uncertainty for citizens, elected officials, and the development community. The update to the zoning ordinance is expected to be focused primarily on the commercial zoning districts.

Staff from the Department of Planning and Zoning will manage the project with the Town Council and Planning Commission, which will serve as the primary advisory boards. The intent is to have a strong, collaborative process between community stakeholders, Town Council, Planning Commission, staff, and the successful respondent to the proposal that will lead to the successful approval of the proposed code update.

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