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Gathering Spaces
The proposed amendment to open space set-asides has been amended to require that 10% of the total development area be utilized as gathering spaces, which must be located on the ground level and be accessible from a public right-of-way. The draft design guidelines outline the desired features of gathering spaces, such as landscaping, public art, and seating.

Below is a blank view from above of an example gathering space and some examples of elements that could be found in a gathering space. There is also a poster of different gathering spaces to provide some inspiration. We want to hear from the community what elements you feel belong in a gathering space. You can use the "stickers" for inspiration, draw your own ideas on the plan, or just email us at with a list of elements you think should be encouraged in the design guidelines for gathering spaces.

Clicking each of the images below will open a new window with the PDF.

.gathering space reference
.gathering space - plan view base.jpg
.possible gathering space elements
.gathering space examples board