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Proposed Maple Ave Streetscape Zones
The proposed amendments would require that the building be set back an additional eight feet on Maple Avenue, from 20 to 28 feet, in order to incorporate more space for walkways, outdoor dining, and increased landscaping as shown in the top-scoring image from the Maple Avenue Visual Preference Survey. The design guidelines outline the desired features of the streetscape zones.

As part of the workshop, staff set up actual scale models of the current code streetscape next to the proposed amendment streetscape. Below is a simplified model rendering of what was set up in the room.

model of streetscapes

A rendering of what the proposed streetscape could look like.

Modified Streetscape.jpg

Figure of the existing streetscape zone dimensions in the current MAC code:
exist code streetscape

Pages from the draft design guidelines that explain the proposed streetscape zones based on the type of road; Maple, Primary Side Street or Secondary Side Street.

alternate streetscapes