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Maple Avenue Corridor Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Study

Study document links are available at the bottom of this page.  

The Town of Vienna has commissioned a Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Study of the Maple Avenue corridor that is taking a look at what's happening along the roadway as well as at active transportation needs and how development might impact mobility. The Town has contracted with Kimley-Horn to lead the study, which is expected to result in a presentation of recommendations by early fall 2019. 

In addition to looking at Maple Avenue from James Madison Drive to Follin Lane, the study area includes Church Street from Lawyers Road to East Street as well as Courthouse Road and Locust Street.

The purpose of the study is to develop near- and mid-term recommendations that will help enhance mobility and the travel experience along the corridor as well as safety and access for all modes of transportation.

Several community engagement opportunities are being built into the study process.These engagement opportunities will involve hands-on meetings, generally to take place in coordination with delivery of information at key study junctures or prior to critical decision points in the study.

The study will be segmented into three phases:

Evaluation of existing transportation conditions Information about the existing transportation system — strengths, weaknesses, operations, planned projects, etc. — will be compiled and summarized to help establish a working base of understanding. Information gathered will relate to traffic counts, traffic safety data, intersection levels of service (and queues and delays), sidewalk locations and gaps, bikeway network, and transit facilities and services. Current land use and development conditions along the corridor also will be summarized. Community meeting was held April 4, 2019.

Potential future development-related trips and evaluation of future transportation conditions The number of vehicle trips associated with a single future land use development scenario will be estimated. The scenario is expected to represent the likely combination of properties redeveloping, either by-right or under MAC, within a 10-year time period.The study also will  look at the impact, the challenges and opportunities, of likely future development on the multimodal transportation network. Community meeting was held June 12, 2019.

Identification and evaluation of potential transportation strategies Study consultants will provide an initial set of recommendations that are responsive to identified near- and mid-term mobility and access challenges along the corridor and community-identified priorities. Transportation recommendations could include changes to vehicular access, geometric and operational modifications to specific intersections or locations, transit service improvements, enhancements to bicycle and pedestrian networks, and transportation demand management policies and strategies. Community meeting has been scheduled for September 4.

Study Links

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Existing Mobility Assessment Community Meeting Presentation (April 4, 2019)

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Future Mobility Assessment Community Meeting Presentation (June 12, 2019)

June 12 presentation video

August 19 Council Work Session recommendations presentation

September 4 Public Meeting #3 presentation

Maple Avenue Multimodal Study Report DRAFT 12-20-2019

Maple Avenue Multimodal Study Report Appendix DRAFT 12-20-2019

Maple Avenue Multimodal Study Report: Comment Response Memo 2-7-2020