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Signal upgrades to improve traffic flow on Maple and Nutley

The desired destination is improved traffic flow on Maple Avenue and Nutley Street. The route that the Town of Vienna is taking to get to that destination is a three-phase project that includes traffic signal controller and cabinet upgrades and installation of traffic management software that will allow the Town to promote mobility and improve traffic flow in real-time. 

The $2.1 million in adaptive technological upgrades, scheduled to be completed in 2022, will allow the Town to better manage congestion and enhance system efficiency. With the new system in place, the Town will be able to:

  • monitor traffic conditions in real time and make adjustments immediately as necessary from a remote centralized location
  • modify phase sequence and patterns systemwide or at individual intersections in response to specific traffic conditions
  • optimize traffic flow with technology that can automatically self-adjust signal timings
  • proactively analyze performance and trends
  • make modifications at problem areas to reduce vehicle delay and queueing and provide better chances for “arrival on green” (a significant volume of traffic arriving at an intersection during the green phase indicates that timing between signals is well coordinated)
  • make adjustments for morning and evening peak periods.

Work began on the hardware and intersection upgrades, software installation, and system interconnectivity in mid-2019. This project will include implementation of Autoscope Vision video cameras and McCain Transparity Traffic Management System software. The Town has contracted with Whitman, Requardt & Associates to manage this project.

Funding for the project includes a VDOT SmartScale grant and $170,000 in proffered contributions from Hekemian & Co., developer for the approved 444 Maple Avenue W project.

Find more information about this project in the 2018 Traffic Signal Equipment Inventory and Needs Assessment final report.

Project milestones

  • Traffic Signal Equipment Inventory and Needs Assessment final report prepared – December 2018
  • Preliminary design for hardware and interconnection – Work began June 2019
  • Design for signal upgrades – Work began August 2019