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Vehicle License Fee
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Effective July 1, 2018, Fairfax County will assume collection of Town of Vienna vehicle license/registration fees; the Town will no longer send out separate bills. Fairfax County will include vehicle registration fees on personal property tax statements. Payment is due by October 5 of each year for all motor vehicles owned or stored in the Town of Vienna as of January 1 of that year. (If October 5 falls on a weekend, the due date will be the first business day following October 5.)

The fee is:
  • $33 for cars and trucks 4,000 pounds or less
  • $38 for cars and trucks 4,001 pounds or more
  • $18 for motorcycles

The fee is prorated monthly for sales or disposals made during the year.

Pay your bill online.
The Town of Vienna and Fairfax County allow all exemptions under  state code. No decal will be issued. For more information, refer to the Town Code, Chapter 9, Article 7, or call 703-255-5735. 

Important information about delinquent bills
The Town will continue to send bills for any delinquent bills fees from previous years. Please address any bills received in order to settle your account. Pay delinquent bills here.

Do not sent any documentation to the Baltimore mailing address. This is a payment processing mailbox only. Any documentation sent to this mailing address is not forwarded to the Town of Vienna Finance Department.

County personal property taxes
Vienna residents still need to register car disposals or purchases with Fairfax County as Fairfax County administers the personal property tax and registration fees for vehicles. For more details, contact Fairfax County at 703- 222-8234. 

More information 
If you have questions, please email the Vehicle License Line or call at 703-255-5735.